Direct Philanthropy Global

Direct Philanthropy Global (DPG) is an organization with strategic partners across America with the common goal of human relief efforts. Think of DP as a central hub of humanitarian funds for global distribution. With the ethos of unity among all walks, colour and religious belief, DPG is the change agent for the world. In addition to addressing human need, DPG will accept project plans for funding in animal, wildlife, forestry, and oceanic restorative efforts. In the process of the aforementioned, DPG is designed to be a powerhouse in job creation and poverty elimination.

What are we about?

The Mission

Help us change the world!

The Team

DPG's management team and strategic partnerships operate from a heart centred approach with love and compassion.   For more information on or employment inquiries on/with Direct Philanthropy Global or to submit project plans for funding assessment, send inquiries via email.

CEO of Synergy Solar, CEO of Kazuken LLC, President of Omnicom Wireless and Founder of Pono Village Healing Retreats and DPGlobal.

Scot Inouye
Steffen Rowe
Susan Leigh Babcock
Todd Boschee

CEO Fonder of Kreative Health Solutions Inc, author of "The Green Lantern Business Theory," and founder of Kre8Change

CEO and founder of Ballpoint Inc., Chief Dealer of Corporate Foreign Exchange at HSBC, SVP Options Strategy at Kidder, Peabody, Inc.

CEO & Founder of ShowMe Changes., COO and founder of Pure Lean Inc, Pure Lean Hogs, Pure Lean Waste Management.  

Lionel "Caz" Cazimero

Lionel is a talented musician and award winning chef with a long rich history of serving others with the Aloha spirit. 

Board of Trustees



Strategic Partners



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